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Why is progress better than perfection?

User Data Talks

Data points in search engine optimization tell us what we need to know about the users who visit your site. From the type and number of visits to which devices browse, understanding your targeted visitors is critical to web design success. While each data point provides valuable information, the full potential of search engine optimization analysis comes when statistics are used in concert with one another.

Deriving Source Data

How is the user finding your site? Source data plays a critical role in search engine optimization as well as marketing helping us understand from whence they come. I am curious of the source. For example, from where are visitors referred? I want to know which search engines are providing visitors and with research and steady improvement derive valuable keywords. My goal is to improve your standing online.

Performance Data

What are users doing? How long do they spend on your site and what are they doing?  These are the types of questions I answer when studying the data of your page content. I am here to offer interpretation of the search engine optimization data and work with you to improve your performance. Sites offer more than the products and services you list. They must also compete and perform better than competitors.

How do you start with search engine optimization?

I take a two-pronged approach to hone your website and content. Whether a new design or re-design, I help you get the most out of your website.

Web Optimization

For redesign projects I start with a web optimization study. We find out how you score against Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow rulesets. I work with the results of your web optimization to tune your website and theme to perform at it’s top optimization.

Scoring is tracked using letter grade scores, and no matter what you paid for your website in the past, you may be surprised to learn how poorly it is optimized for the web. I’m never satisfied with second best. I get you as close to 99% as I can across both rulesets.

SEO Content Performance

In a second study, I look at your website and identify problems with content. My report will show us issues with links throughout your website from pages to PDFs. Have Mixed content? I will help you find and correct the bugs. You have content but it’s not showing up in search? I will provide methods to improve your content writing, from adding Alt tags to images to titles, descriptions, keyword density and much more.

Both reports are run throughout my work to track my progress. You will find this effort serves you well into the future. Solving these foundational issues provides a solid framework to build upon when implementing more expensive projects with AdWords, Google Tag Manager and other costly services.