Toledo Ticket Redesign with Gumby


Graphics & SVG Animation

A return to Flash-like animation and interactivity!


Recently, UP came back for a request to add a video post type and Gumby Adventure button (see updated image on the right). This new project provided a chance to revisit the project and include improvements in the overall performance and and some creative new content items including embedded videos!

Advanced Custom Fields has a very nice video embed feature, and it provides a terrific interface on the backend which makes sense to customers. .

Toledo Ticket - Tickets of Every Description Since 1910

The Project

Toledo Ticket is a classic Toledo based printed products company. Their last website was well out of date and in need of a complete overhaul. This site was created to generate social media buzz as well as provide a fun, Gumby experience.


WordPress with Customized Roots Theme

For custom theming, offers a powerful toolset for fully customized WordPress development. This was a fun project and I look forward to expanding skills in SVG animation and interactions.

Project Details

Description: Custom theme built in Sage framework with Bootstrap 3, GSAP, and minifying processes. The backend is built with Advanced Custom Fields to provide a usable interface to manage and update the layout. GTMetrix is used for performance testing and scoring.

Production URL:

The Challenge

The landing page needed to be animated and interactive. This project called for a bringing new skills to fore including Custom Fields and Metaboxes, Bootstrap Spy-scroll, and many layout challenges. I am working for Ulrich Pinciotti (UP) to develop this site for their customer. They designed the layout for desktop and I built it as a responsive site. The design agency came up with the Green and Flexible pitch, licensing Gumby for tickets. They provided the key artwork, photography and written content. They have been a great customer and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to work with them.

The Solution

I specialize in mobile friendly or responsive websites. This was my first opportunity to work in Advanced Custom Fields and I am enthusiastic to continue with it. The landing page animation offered the largest challenge, and the layout went through several iterations until I hit on the right combination. The animation engine is GSAP (aka Greensock). While the site was built according to the designs provided by UP, I worked with them to get the best possible solution from their designs.