Tight Lines Jewelry

Tight Lines Jewelry

Web Redesign

This customer was abandoned by her previous developer and wanted a redesign. She designs and sells jewelry with a fly fishing bent.

Renee is a professional jewelry designer and gemologist with over 30 years in the jewelry business. For 33 years she worked in the family retail jewelry store where she created many “One-of-a-Kind” custom designs. In addition to Tight Lines Jewelry, you find that Renee enjoys working in a variety of jewelry forms and customization.

The Project

Design Details

Mobile-friendly site design was developed in Sketch. It’s the first project I developed in it and I absolutely loved it. The client requested layouts for a landing (home page) and general secondary page.

Site Details


Platform: WordPress with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms

Staging URL: https://tightlinesjewelry.com/



I completed a limited redesign for the site home page and threw in search on the home page. In the new design, she asked that the logo appear at the top, centered, as big as possible. The logo configuration does not scale well. However now that it is done, it’s not bad. I will look into simplifying the top header bar.

I added a search feature where data returned can be products, pages or posts. Non-product listings show the title and excerpt while products include an image preview. No pagination is added; I will push that out in the next update. To improve SEO I pushed up the paragraph font size to16px. This is being added to all customer sites adapting to recommendations from Google Mobile Usability.