Soss Door Hardware Catalog Site

Redesign Challenge

Migration from Magento to WordPress

The customer was dissatisfied with the previous Magento website and was looking for a clean reboot and redesign. With the Ultralatch site finished but not launched, the reboot drew from the other’s theme and adding new components. Both sites are built on WooCommerce but for different purposes. The Catalog site is meant to make it easy to discover the product, find well written content, and connect customers with distributors.


Soss Door Hardware

The Project

Soss is a manufacturer and distributor for several innovative door hardware products including the UltraLatch door handle. They are also manufacturer and distributor of the original invisible hinge. These are premium products and the intended customers are architects and builders.


Site Details

Description: SOSS® UltraLatch is an innovative and ADA awarded door hardware with fire rating and a broad range of metallic finishes.

Platform: WordPress with Roots Sage, Bootstrap, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms



Soss is a privately held corporation specializing in the manufacture and distribution of Soss® brand products including Invisible Hinges and ADA Compliant Door Latches.

During the past century, the Soss® name has become the worldwide standard for invisible hinges. The concealed hinge is widely used on jewelry cases, humidors, bookshelves that swing open to reveal hidden rooms, and cargo holds on ship decks.

This was a highly visible project and was a foot in the door for the company hosting and delivering the design, website, user acceptance testing, and content on schedule.

Design Details

Mobile-friendly site design was developed in Sketch. It’s the first project I developed in it and I absolutely loved it. The client requested layouts for a landing (home page) and general secondary page. The agency requested additional features to attract a broader range of targets. I created card elements, and card-like elements for blog posts. Customizations ranged from optional images, placement of headings, selection of meta arrangement and background image options.

With the addition of the blog I also developed a blog landing page. This included custom functionality for ‘sticky’ posts which floated to the top.

Anyone developing with ACF or related tools can fall in love with the ability to create amazing backend interfaces for our clients, at least that’s how I feel. This was a terrific customer and our working relationship has grown stronger. I was so happy to work in this toolset and cultivate a strong relationship with Michael.

The Redesign

The Magento design I replaced