Silmar Electronics

Redesign Challenge

Customized WordPress Theming

A custom theme was designed to Silmar Electronics specifications. While we simplified the design, the overall look and feel was translated. I worked from a PDF document detailing how each page should look; the overall form and functionality is carried through.

Customized E-Commerce Theming

The design from the WordPress site was applied to Storefront. Storefront is not a responsive architecture. While the layout matched WordPress in full-screen mode, it does not collapse well for mobile.

Plugin Development

Several customized plugins were created to make it easy for Silmar’s marketing team to update customer service information. Some functionality added includes: company member listing, vendor links, brick and mortar locations and quick links pages.


The Project

Silmar Electronics is a distributor of small electrical devices based in 10 brick and mortar locations from South Carolina to Florida. Started as a family business, Silmar Electronics is expanding to include online sales. While still in content building, the site exists in a test location. It will eventually replace its current domain.

The technology platform is blended combining WordPress and a Java-based online store system by Infor called Storefront.

Site Details

Description: B2B Electrical equipment distributor

Platform: WordPress & Infor Storefront

Production URL: Silmar Electronics

New Site Testing URLs:

Silmar Electronics — WordPress

Silmar Electronics — Storefront catalog and b2b shop


Responsive Theme Elements

Silmar Electronics’ graphic designer set a specific look for the three-dimensional and super-realistic graphic heavy site. I worked with the marketing team to make the site design fit and work responsively within the confines of a responsive mobile-friendly framework. I incorporated flat, two-dimensional icons and text for navigational elements.