Plan 2 Win Software Project

Site Maintenance Challenge

Web Development

The site owners needed someone they could trust to maintain the site and its content, provide security and improve Search Engine Optimization. We were introduced through a mutual friend.

Site Maintenance

This customer came to me after having a difficult time working with other WordPress integrators. I was referred by a friend. The customer had just had this site created with the theme and content imported from another site. There were a number of issues in the integration. There were also plans to add PayPal Express to make it easier for his customers to purchase his apps.


The Project


I configured and built products into the site. Sandbox tested with PayPal for online ordering.  I also created product graphics and customized templates. We also tested E-Commerce processes such as order, cancellations, and refunds. Worked with site owner on an order process that fit his business.

Graphics & Video

Rendered videos for YouTube. Produced graphics and visual elements in CSS for actionable buttons, links, and forms.

Project Details

Description: Salesforce application blog, marketing, and E-Commerce website.

URL: Plan 2 Win Software