Phillips Pet Food Project

E-Commerce Redesign Challenge for Phillips Pet Food

Graphic Design

A few graphical treatments were translated to Storefront. We were limited in what we could implement for this site.

E-Commerce Redesign

A few changes were needed in Storefront such as widening the left column so the tree navigation fit. Storefront developers creatively did not build Storefront the way you’d expect; much manipulation is needed to make small commonsense changes.

We developed two sites. One for Phillips and an identical version for acquired business Wolverton Pet Food.

Phillips Pet Food

The Project

 Site Theme

This site theme is based on Phillips Pet Food WordPress customer website. Many changes were to maintain the branding and color scheme through Storefront.


Site Details

Description: B2B Pet Food Distributor for Phillips and Wolverton Brands

Platform: Infor Storefront

Production URL: Phillips Pet Food

Production URL: Wolverton Pet Food