Novartis Pharmaceuticals Project

Design Challenge for Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Graphic Design & Animation

Maritz Travel Proposal Development team wanted a new concept animation based on waves and traditional ethnic music for a trip designed for Novartis. This project teased the sites and scenes.



The Project

 Animation Solution

I found a wonderful ethnic flute and percussion tune. The waves were an experiment with shape tweening and masking. This became the theme throughout. I was elated by how this effect combined with dissolve tells a story for travel. This was one of the determining factors which helped our team with this account.


Project Details

Description: e-Promotion

Created: 2006

Internal Customer: Maritz Proposal Development

Software Toolkit: Flash, Photoshop, SoundForge, and licensed audio

Note:View a sample Flash embed of the project.  Please install appropriate plugins. Unfortunately Apple mobile devices are unable to play SWFs.


Following find related material used in creating the animation.

An original script describing each keyframe built for the project. While I developed the initial design and art for the animation, the script was a tool to use for communication with the event planners.