Nissan Automotive Project

Pretrip Design Challenge for Nissan Automotive

Graphic Design & Animation

My Creative Producer role involved producing high-end websites promoting the event and trip. The website is called a pre-trip.

Nissan USA was impressed by the designs I created for Infiniti’s 2006 Santa Barbara meeting. For the web registration launch and to promote the 2007 Nissan National Dealer Meeting, they wanted an event site to mimic sites for the new 2007 Altima and Rogue. Budget was open but the timeline, tight.


The Project

 Animation Solution

This was a challenge to create a seamless winning design for Nissan. I was able to integrate some elements from Nissan’s own website plus other product shots. This included the Nissan Shift Campaign which remains part of their brand. Maritz Interactions and Nissan USA executives loved it.


Project Details

Description: Pre-trip Website

Created: 2007

Internal Customer: Maritz Interactions & Maritz Travel

Software Toolkit: Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator

Note:View a sample Flash embed of the project. Please install appropriate plugins. Apple mobile devices will be unable to play SWF source files.


A selection of screenshots from the Flash site.