LM Burney Wholesale Project

E-Commerce Challenge

Theme Design & Animation

Infor Storefront products lack design friendliness. LM Burney wanted a design to become the look and brand of the company to their business customers.


The Project

Site Theme

I selected a rich brown background for the landing and login pages. Shop and content pages utilized a high contrast color theme. The default Storefront environment was not designed for visual appeal so the entire site was redesigned.

Graphic Design & Animation

I created a number of elements for this site including a Flash animation which displays the logo if no plugin is present. Alternate seasonal banner themes including big game and winter holiday were developed and presented but the site owners settled on the sniper/9mm banner to represent the business.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword and competitive research was conducted. A strategy was devised to produce organic search results.

Site Details

Description: B2B Distributor of guns and bullets

Platform: Infor Storefront

Production URL: LM Burney Distributors

Graphic Design Theme Elements

Graphic Design

The logo existed but only in a low-resolution bitmapped form. I recreated it as a flat design along with the ‘Since 1952’ ribbon. Other header elements include the sniper/9mm bullet banner which was a favorite with the company owner. To create this montage, I studied magazines for gun enthusiasts to create a suitable look.

E-Commerce Component Design

One of the components receiving a revamp was the cart interface. The customer appreciated large visual buttons. The browse page is organized alphabetically and is self-leveling.

The Flash specials animation reverts to a static logo image when the player is not present. Today we’d opt for for other technology such as a JavaScript slider.