Infiniti Automotive Project

Design Challenge

Graphic Design & Animation

My Creative Producer role involved producing high-end websites promoting the event and trip. The website is called a pre-trip.

Automotive companies produce custom high-tech web sites to touch an emotional chord. We wanted to show Infiniti executives a pre-trip site that went to the same level of detail. This site used emotive and subtle images with mist clouds passing around the vehicles.  


The Project

 Animation Solution

I researched Infiniti’s site to see how they were promoting their vehicles and look for methods to develop our pre-trip within Infiniti’s brand guidelines. This was challenging and the skills learned in this project lead to using the techniques on other projects. Using available resources, I created a winning design. The site shows off Infiniti’s G-35 (2006) and promotes the exclusive Santa Barbara Hotel.


Project Details

Description: Pre-trip Flash Site

Created: 2006

Internal Customer: Maritz Proposal Development

Software Toolkit: Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator

Note:View a sample Flash embed of the project. Please install appropriate plugins. Unfortunately Apple mobile devices are unable to play SWFs.


Following find related material used in creating the animation.

A timeline showing the level of detail that goes into to developing these websites. The timeline was a tool to use for communication between the Creative Producer and event planners.

The original proposed pre-trip created as flat design was rejected. Infiniti requested something more … the design we delivered was much more product-based.