Huntington Bank Project

E-Card Design Challenge for Huntington Bank

Graphic Design & Animation Challenge

Create a reusable e-card design promoting the variety of water, land and party aspects of a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Feature the Land’s End arch and build the Baja Bound theme.


The Project

 Animation Solution

This was my breakout project where I got a chance to show my worth to the department. Up to this point I think I did what was expected; this allowed me to test the boundaries of what they wanted from me.

I used a text application that helped animate the text SWFs that were then imported as keyframes and synchronized to the music. I implemented a number of masking techniques to blend the text animation.

Executives were excited about this animation and it became the most often leveraged for client projects. This and a few others set the mold for new and fun animations. I devised several options for replay and exit buttons.


Project Details

Description: e-Promotion

Created: 2003

Internal Customer: Maritz Proposal Development

Software Toolkit: Flash, Photoshop, Swish, SoundForge, and licensed audio

Note: View a sample Flash embed of the project. Please install appropriate plugins. Apple mobile devices will be unable to play SWF source files.


An original script describing each keyframe built for the project. While I developed the initial design and art for the animation, the script was a tool to use for communication with the event planners.