Graphics for U-M Anthropology Publication


Graphic Design

University of Michigan Professor, Beverly I. Strassmann, Department of Anthropology and RCGD, Institute for Social Research, contacted me to assist in developing customized graphics for an anthropology journal. Her paper which will appear in a quarterly issue of a journal called, Current Anthropology.

Working from hand-drawn pen and pencil maps of a village in Mali, Africa, I created a digital likeness to be used for an anthropology journal. The original diagram was created over 30 years ago by a research student visiting the site. The Primary Investigator (PI) is using this diagram to represent the village organization and the complicated distribution of its members by family grouping and arrangement of dwellings.

A heavy amount of effort went into developing this diagram to meet the PI’s expectations. Since the diagram was to be used in print and digital publications, care was taken to provide a grayscale and color version.

A Mali Dogon Village diagram graphics for an anthropology journal

The Project

Project Details

Description: Geographical diagram

For Publication: Current Anthropology

URL: Url of publication

While the paper and diagrams have been accepted for publication, I have not learned when it will be available.


Illustration Tools

I used Adobe CS6 for all Illustration. I employed Git version control to track document changes throughout the process. We used a shared Dropbox folder to exchange files. Issues were tracked in Trello.

The original diagram contained a number geographic marks such as footpaths. Working with Dr. Straussmann, I recreated the artwork in great detail, limiting to the paper’s purpose.

In order to get things right, I researched the publisher’s style guide. I checked out the publication’s online edition to learn how to tackle issues that arose while producing the legend, insert, and mundane elements necessary for scientific scholarship.

Original diagram graphics for an anthropology journal