General Mills Project

E-Learning Challenge

Online Course in Personal Protection

All people working for General Mills and visiting contractors are required to pass several courses in safety. This course is a replacement to an earlier project that failed to work consistently. The design and visuals did not reflect GMI branding, crashed often and the interface limited navigational controls.

I was contracted to build online courses which included developing 2D and 3D animations to help explain the course materials.



The Project

 Animation Solution

I was hired as a to recreate three web delivered courses for General Mills Learning Management System (LMS). After reviewing existing courseware, I identified the main problems and presented an estimate with a design on the best approach.

The head and hard hat are fully posed and created in Swift3D. The final animations are composed in Flash, providing total control in pacing and transparency. The client said,

“We are very excited, the animation sells the effectiveness and use of the hard hat.”

This project lead to similar work in the replacement of a five lesson Lock-Out Tag-Out course.

For your convenience I’ve included a link to a section of the original course.  Each lesson is self contained and plays an intro before the lesson begins. Each lesson included a pretest which would allow the user to test out of some lessons.

Note: The PPE course includes a test variable in the lower left corner. This was for developer review. If errors were detected, reviewers would send the audio index value and description of the error. This was removed prior to the published version.

Project Details

Description: Online Courseware

Created: 2007

Customer: General Mills

Software Toolkit: Flash, Photoshop, Swift3D, and SoundForge

Note: View a sample Flash embed of the project. Please install appropriate plugins. Apple mobile devices will be unable to play SWF source files.