Conoco Phillips Project

E-Card Design Challenge for Conoco Phillips

Graphic Design & Animation

Maritz Travel Proposal Development team wanted a reusable e-card with a catchy theme incorporating jets that fly to several destinations.



The Project

 Animation Solution

Producing complicated graphical assets was one of the ways we landed large customers. This request for proposal called for concept art and a promotional animation. Using this asset we won the multi-destination event business with Conoco Phillips. Since it’s inception, we leveraged this card several times.

I wanted to do more work with 3D software and this was a perfect opportunity. Back in the day, one of the major challenges for Flash production was to keep final SWF sizes efficient, around 1MB or less while at the same time producing visually entertaining materials.

While Flash can produce scalable artwork, to do so would mean producing much larger files. The compromise was to create compressible art and music pieces delivering a movie at a fixed playback size. That is to say, a lot of work was done to reduce file sizes. For example, some scaleable artwork became PNG sprites.


Project Details

Description: e-Promotion

First created: 2004

Internal Customer: Maritz Proposal Development

Software Toolkit: Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, SoundForge, Swift3D, and licensed audio

Note: View a sample Flash embed of the project. Please install appropriate plugins. Unfortunately Apple mobile devices are unable to play SWFs.


Following find related material used in creating the animation.


An image map used for the globe animation.
An image map used for the globe animation.