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Website Optimization Built for Digital Agencies and Marketers

First, an Apology

I realize the color pallet between Concurra and this site are in conflict. I apologize. Soon I will begin a redesign to improve some built in flaws. In the mean time, Check out this project for a startup to tweak a site’s SEO.

Customized HTML Theming

This site was originally designed and built by a friend based on a homebrewed framework and theme. This project was a lot of fun as the startup owner and development team was top-notch and fantastic to work with. We conducted a few conference calls to get started.


The Project

Everyone loves the idea of using data to optimize websites. It’s seems like a magic trick: tweak a few words, move this button there, watch your conversions triple. Abracadabra, right? In reality, website optimization is a science—and it can feel more like a chore. Most agencies understand it in principal, but fall short when asked to implement it due to lack of technology and expertise.

This was a highly visible project and was a foot in the door for the company hosting and delivering the website.

Site Details

Description: Concurra, LLC. is a small company with a small team of dedicated professionals located in Chicago, Austin and Kansas City.

Platform: HTML, CSS and Parallax.

Production URL: Not launched yet