Capital Tire Wholesale Project

Project Challenge

E-Commerce Redesign

The Storefront application interface was redesigned to improve the usability of the interface. Pains were taken to ensure this site was fully functional for Internet Explorer 8 and up.

Graphic Design

Capital Tire did not have the original source file for their logo although they wished to keep the design.

Capital Tire Wholesale Distributor

The Project

Site Theme

We were looking for a rich design appearance that would be attractive to use and serve the needs of the business customers. The color pallet was based on gradient silvers and a bold and padded green button form. This was built prior to the adoption of CSS border radius styles, so all rounded corners were graphic.

Site Details

Description: B2B Tire Wholesale

Platform: Infor Storefront

Production URL: Capital Tire Wholesale


Graphic Design Theme Elements

Custom Designed Graphics

I recreated the logo based on a low-resolution image they provided. Because Capital Tire not only is a tire wholesaler but also sells wheels and custom rims I wanted to give their logo a 3D look. I tested creating the logo in Swift3D graphics package which exports to Illustrator, then touched it up adding reflective gradients as you would see in a wheel.

E-Commerce Components

If you ever purchased tires from a distributor, the technician taking your order may turn the screen to get your approval. We built in a function that would allow the technician to click a button to show the customer the increased price rates for their new tire install. Clicking the button again returns the screen to shop prices.

Image Revolver Promotions

Capital Tire receives monthly discount promotions from tire manufacturers. They utilize these promotions on their website landing page to inform distributors of the discount program. Often these involved customized graphics. We transformed these graphics into clickable slides for a feature on the site.