Website Redesign for leading Business Advisory firm

Professional Friendships

Eric was the Director of Performance Consulting at Compuware office in Cleveland where we met developing an E-Learning solution for product sales and distributors of a leading pharmaceutical valve manufacturer based in Cleveland. It was an exciting time. It was my first engagement in the profession after graduate school. Eric was an outstanding leader and professional. Years later I offered help to reboot his company website and create a platform extending his offerings. That offering led to this WordPress site.

Extending a Theme

I worked with CEO Eric Doner to select a theme with features that fit the overall plan for his desired content. With over 40 years of experience in his profession, Eric understands his core business proposition and finding actionable solutions for his clients. It was my objective to take the project on with the same enthusiasm and migrate from a website that lacked the design and layout possibilities now expected from dynamic, modern organizations.

The Project

AchieveCorp improves organizational performance by aligning people and processes to produce positive outcomes and financial results. Their approach is to professionally and profitably deliver high quality programs, products and services that add value to our clients’ operations and enable them to develop their people.

The Challenge

Eric’s previous website was in a CMS with limitations. It was well built, however we selected WordPress instead. The logo and branded graphics posed other challenges.

The Solution

Our goal was to implement a site which translated Eric’s core brand message and value proposition. We wanted a solution which not only competed, but provided a pleasing modern interface to deliver his core brand message. The interface includes a flat layout and design reminiscent of Material Design concepts. This enables the messaging to stand out rather than to be overwhelmed with the imagery. I included some slight animation effects for the sake of drawing attention.

We implemented tools to promote his products and services and range of clients.

Logo & Graphics

A series of branded graphics had been created in PowerPoint, utilizing gradients and shadow styles common from that time period. Branded Corporate graphics are essential part of every organization’s value. I recreated the signature People Process Performance graphic in a flat, rectangular solution. We went through a number of iterations before agreeing with the version we are using today.

Click the “More” button to see our old PowerPoint inspired logo.

Site Details

Description: Static training & performance improvement site with blog, customized logo, and graphics

Platform: WordPress with purchased theme

Production URL: