Find memorable projects.

Customer projects are unique and involve a decent amount of care and customization. The examples on this page serve to demonstrate my range of adaptability and skill implementing websites.

BOLD -- Notre Dame Academy, private school for girls home page featuring a proud young woman, arms crossed and smiling

The customer was faced with an issue with their website, just at the time which they were recruiting new students. They learned that students in Europe and Africa were unable to view the website.

It took a few weeks to deliver a solution. The load time will shift as content changes on the website. I am a technical resource to the customer, so the types of content will affect performance. I believe I can accomplish much more for this website; this success met the initial need.

Soss catalog landing page image showing the hinge and handle products, links to catalog and distributor locations page

Soss is a manufacturer and distributor for several innovative door hardware products including the UltraLatch door handle. They are also manufacturer and distributor of the original invisible hinge. These are premium products and the intended customers are architects and builders.

The customer was dissatisfied with the previous Magento website and was looking for a clean reboot and redesign. With the Ultralatch site finished but not launched, the reboot drew from the other’s theme and adding new components. Both sites are built on WooCommerce but for different purposes. The Catalog site is meant to make it easy to discover the product, find well written content, and connect customers with distributors.

The customer requested an attractive website that would appeal to architects. It needed to have interesting content sections with heavy negative space.

Pages were created with customized fields where prompts encourage building and arranging content areas. The site is themed in a DRY framework, with the latest Bootstrap 4 responsive design standard, Slick slider and attractive interface modules allow for flexibility and control.

This site was originally designed and built by a friend based on a homebrewed framework and theme. This project was a lot of fun as the startup owner and development team was top-notch and fantastic to work with. We conducted a few conference calls to get started.

Everyone loves the idea of using data to optimize websites. It’s seems like a magic trick: tweak a few words, move this button there, watch your conversions triple. Abracadabra, right? In reality, website optimization is a science—and it can feel more like a chore. Most agencies understand it in principal, but fall short when asked to implement it due to lack of technology and expertise.

original graphics for anthropology journal

University of Michigan Professor, Beverly I. Strassmann, Department of Anthropology and RCGD, Institute for Social Research, contacted me to assist in developing customized graphics for an anthropology journal. Her paper which will appear in a quarterly issue of a journal called, Current Anthropology.

Working from hand-drawn pen and pencil maps of a village in Mali, Africa, I created a digital likeness to be used for an anthropology journal. The original diagram was created over 30 years ago by a research student visiting the site. The Primary Investigator (PI) is using this diagram to represent the village organization and the complicated distribution of its members by family grouping and arrangement of dwellings.